I always believed in ‘one client’ who would give me all the reason to make ‘one cloth’ – that one client to stay in the business. This is my faith, responds Koeun Park when asked about the name of her company, Factory of Faith. Couture trained Koeun Park launched her own private line of work, collaborating and embracing the craftsmen in the Umbria region, in Italy. The name Forme 3’3204322896, pronounced “Forme d’expression”, is created by decoding numeric orders that make up the “Helvetica-Fraction” font. Much like the clothing it represents, the name is about conversion and individuality. Garments should be able to stand on their own and at the same time “evolve, as the owner’s life does”. Park achieves this philosophy through the uncompromisingly tailored and meticulously constructed clothing that are often built on simple geometry of pattern which evolves into an unexpected volume, experimental fabrications and special treatments obtained through in-house, organic experiments.

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