As partners in both profession and life, we work side by side exploring, designing and producing series of objects through an intensively tactile and handmade approach. KHOURIANBEER is not concerned with launching products tethered to a specific time or trend. We are driven to bring forth exceptional objects that transcend time… objects deeply connected to affects and the embodiment of intimacy; objects to be shared, carried around places and across life phases; objects to be aged and kept as memorable moments in material form. Hypsometry is about measuring altitudes in landscape formations, using boiling water as an indicator. In this collection, we form leather landscapes with boiling water as a medium. Our first collection forms a true family of objects. Through these objects, one step at time, we’ve explored the range of materials, the processes, the limits and potential in the moulding of the ancient technique of boiled leather – “cuir bouilli”.

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  • Khourian Beer – Clutch

  • Khourian Beer – Backpack Three