Since childhood, the creative process has dominate her world.
Ria Dunn was born in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up amongst contrasts.
The untamed nature of BC, farm land, suburbs and chaotic cities combined in her and fueled a creative energy, unbreakable.
Seen as an “unusual” child, she sunk herself into music, drawing and skateboarding.
She studied Fine Arts, Interiors and Photography but one look at an inspiring photograph pushed her towards fashion design.
She studied Fashion Design in Vancouver and began working in Toronto and Montreal.
After many years of experience in North America, Ria pushed to make the move to Europe, to further her experience and esthetic.
Italy was always a point of admiration for her, and after meeting her partner, moved to Tuscany, Italy in 2007.
Tired of the commercial reality of fashion and the pressures to following the system, she created with Alessandro Esteri the brand “Lost & Found Ria Dunn”
to redefine the meaning of luxury, and to rethink the way one could work within the fashion world.
It was fundamental to be able to create garments that transmitted more
emotion and complexity, as well as to be sustainable and sane in the process.
Ria travels 4 times a year to Paris but chooses to reside in the tuscan countryside.
She and Alessandro live in an old stone house, surrounded by good cooking, creativity and simplified living.
Her 2 children live freely amongst chickens, a dog and a horse, and are sustained by their large garden, and curiosity for life.

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