The univers of Sandrine Philippe is at times oneric, romantic and worrying. Oscillating always between a range of subtleties and lightings, her designs both singular and artisinal, seem to tell a story of places lost, usage and time passed. Frabric manipulation is the root of her creations and materials can often be found burnt, hand-dyed or restitched. Thus lending a very unique identity to her garments. Initialy a womenswear designer, 5 years ago Sandrine opened up her collection to menswear, in search of a new aesthetic combining comfort and a more poetic sensibility. Both the mesnwear and womenswear collections however are always closely tied, therefore allowing for a definite contemporary wardrobe.
Parallel to her collections she has collaborated with a range of contemporary artists and photographers, as well as the world of theatre, music and dance.

This season the Sandrine Philippe Paris brand provides another visual insight into collections by collaborating with a new team of photographers, graphic designers and choreographers in order to bring a different dynamic to its atypical univers.

Following her fashion design studies, Sandrine worked for designers such as Popy Moreni and Courreges before starting her independent line.

Outside of her own store in Paris, her collections are currently distributed globaly; France, Germany, Austria, China, Japan, The Middle East, Greece, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy…

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