The night is your friend my love. In darkness we unite. Here, things do not appear what they seem. This slightly shadier side of things, deserves its own kit. A set of essential garments that speak, but do not shout. Functional pieces with a polite twist that never overshadow their faithful wearers. Imagine an array of understated clothes available to all. No exclusions, no rule-book. Now, we speak THOM/KROM. A monochrome design universe, curated by Thomas Kromik. As we dress, we tell a story. To make things a little easier, we propose a selection of universal and effortlessly wearable items. The designs are democratic, honest and easily injected into any wardrobe. All fabrics and finishes are maintained to the highest standards, allowing for the garments to be worn in complete freedom. No restraints, no distracting logo-types, no complications. Simple and to the point. THOM/KROM crafts singular pieces, that celebrate our individuality. The bi-annual collections mimic the seasonal shift, always from a versatile layering perspective. Worn by you, as you please, relentlessly; whenever, wherever. Until the night takes you…

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